The Four Most Common Personal and Business Reasons
to Select Marian Thier As Your Coach

Many, many people in organizations hire coaches, although they often don’t know why. Sometimes it’s mandated or may even be seen as a badge of value. Whatever the situation, coaching is an investment in someone who matters.

The goal is to find a right fit between the leader and the coach; therefore, potential clients and I spend upfront time analyzing their reasons for seeking a coach, and then figuring out how to work together.

Rather than trying to be all things to all people, over the years my practice has been honed to focus on these four issues that clients face:

Leaders want to be worthy role models who make a positive impact.  But, many have been hired for their functional expertise, not their ability to work with others. Thus, they are aware that they must come to understand themselves to make sound business decisions and effectively lead others.

icon-horizontal-moveHorizontal Move
These developmental experiences transition a manager to another function, line of business, organization, industry sector or region. These leaders turn to a coach to help them maneuver through what can be convoluted and challenging political pathways. In these circumstances it’s no longer to sufficient to excel in place. These leaders must learn to manage up, down and sideways.

icon-increase-scopeIncrease in Scope
When someone is promoted that usually means an increase in responsibilities and visibility. These leaders turn to a coach to help them scale up the skills that have brought them to their current level of success and apply them to a broader and more diverse audience.

icon-new-initiativeNew Initiative
These are ambitious plans for business growth, such as to develop or launch new products and services, adopt new technologies, craft a new policy or process, build a plant or unit from scratch, develop a new market, embark on a new line of business or create a new business entity. Unlike other leadership experiences, in these cases, there may not be any precedent to follow. These leaders seek a coach to help them remain grounded as they move the venture along growth and change.

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